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    This recognition is presented to the most loved, caring, and ever smiling Lion lady in the communities of Filipino-
    American of Washington. Past District Governor Nathalie Fuentes played important role in the formation / chartering of
    the Seattle Mabuhay Lions Club. She was and still is it’s Guiding Lion. Through her leadership and personal & financial
    contributions, Mabuhay Lions Club has that unique status of the only club in the MD 19-B district that owns a 15 seater
    van.  She also initiated the first Seattle Mabuhay Lions Club and Fuentes Foundation Scholarship award.  Without this lady,
    Mabuhay Lions Club will never be as well known and successful as it is today. The Most Honorable Award is hereby
    presented to Past District Governor NATHALIE FUENTES in grateful appreciation of her Outstanding Service, Exemplary
    Leadership, Selfless Act, valuable time and dedication to the Seattle Mabuhay Lions Club.

    This Most Honorable Award recognition is hereby presented to Mabuhay Lions Cultural and Activity Director DOLLY CASTILLO
    in appreciation for her Exceptional Dedicated Service and Tireless effort in Promulgating Cultural Values in the community
    through her singing, dancing, and social activities.

    This Most Honorable Award recognition is presented to Mabuhay Lions Charter President GREG GARCIA in appreciation
    for his Outstanding Dedication and Service above and beyond the Call of Duty. Past President Lion Greg Garcia was the
    1st President of the Mabuhay Lions Charter and at his age, is still very active in lionism. Lion Greg is also currently the
    President of the World War II Veteran Association.
The Most Honorable Award is given to Seattle Mabuhay Lions who are making momentous
contributions to the mission and goal of Lionism through their time, actions, talents and
dedication. The Awardee selected have serve as a role model for compassion, service and made
significant contributions to enhance the quality of life within the club and community.  He/She
had demonstrated an understanding of responsibility through involvement with the Mabuhay
Lions club activities for at least 5 years.
The following Mabuhay Lions are recipient of the Most Honorable Award:
  1. Nathalie Fuentes
  2. Dolly Castillo
  3. Greg Garcia

Memory We Honor
plaque were given to the relatives of our beloved Mabuhay Lions:
  1. Aresinio Totaan
  2. Paul Cardona
In memory of Mabuhay Lion ARESINIO TOTAAN+

    Pastor Aresinio Cortez Totaan was born July 7, 1936 in Bautista Pangasinan. He is the oldest of the 7
    siblings. He used to be Seaman back in the seventies. He was an electrician on a Greek ship. Pastor Totaan
    was married to Amy Totaan.  They have 4 children and 12 grand children. Lion Aresinio went to bible college
    and become a pastor. His passion until his last day was sharing God's words. He built many churches in the
    Philippines. He sponsored and encouraged a number of people to study in the Bible College. Now most of
    them have their own churches. He and his family migrated in United State on June 7, 1994. He was a
    kagawad at Filipino Community Center under the administration of Past District Governor Bert Caoile. Pastor
    Aresinio Totaan was a Board of Director of Mabuhay Lions Club when he joined His Savior on October 25,

    Your Leadership, Wisdom and Friendship has left significant impression to our club. You will be greatly
    missed Lion Aresinio.

In memory of Mabuhay Lion PAUL CARDONA+

    Mabuhay Lion Paul was a simple man. A hardworking, endearing family man; he loved his wife and worked
    perseveringly for his family. He was also a religious, God-fearing Catholic.  It was through the initiative of Paul
    and his wife Marcelina that they were able to have all of their families made it to America. Paul and Marcelina
    were blest with three children: Hector, Eloisa and Rebecca, with five grandchildren: Christopher, Christine,
    Nicola, Linda and Aimee. In the latter years of Paul’s life, Marcelina having preceded him in her passing, Paul
    devoted most of his time with the community, especially as a member of the Seattle Mabuhay Lions Club. It
    was apparent he felt that the only way he could thank the blessings bestowed upon him, was to give back to
    a community he so dearly cared for.

    Your Leadership, Wisdom and Friendship has left significant impression to our club. You will be greatly
    missed Lion Paul.